Carbon Gigant


Carbon Gigant

Solid wood burning boilers for central heating with hot water, three-door and two-door versions, upper and lower. with rear flue pipe connection

Our company has been producing heating appliances for 4 decades. Through our manufacturing process a new product was born. The developed HŐTERM CARBON GIGANT solid fuel boiler is suitable for hot water heating in houses, flats, greenhouses or any other smaller institutions in gravitational or in pump system. The boiler is a one-sided filling system combustion engine with water-cooled grate structure and insulated doors.

If you are trying to burn a standard small-sized hornbeam or find a boiler for heating a large facility with solid fuels, do not look any further.

Test Carbon Boilers are available at a discounted rate.
Please feel free to call us for current stock, type and price.

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    Carbon Gigant


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    Carbon Gigant


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    Installation and use can be done in an open heating circuit in a pump system. (Gigant 55 and 65 can be operated in gravity)

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    This product makes the large firebox ideal for combing straw blades, as well as a water-cooled grating structure that maximizes performance.

    The inner jacket and bags of the boiler are made of sheet steel of 5 mm thickness to meet the international standard and to provide more corrosion protection.

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    Before using, be sure to read the boiler's manual!

    Never take the air out of the boiler! Closing the air vents will reduce the efficiency of combustion and operation at low temperatures will cause harmful processes, condensation, which also shortens the boiler life!

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    With a large firebox and insertion door (free opening 500 × 410 mm), the boiler is very useful for combusting firewood, briquettes, prunings and standard sized small straw bats.