Carbon (M)

Carbon (M)

Solid fuel boiler plate for hot water central heating, in two-door and in three-door design with an upper stove-pipe connection.

Our company has been producing heating appliances for 4 decades.  Through our manufacturing process a new product was born. The developed HŐTERM CARBON (M) solid fuel boiler is suitable for hot water heating in houses, flats, greenhouses or any other smaller institutions in gravitational or in pump system. The boiler is a stoker with  single lens charging system and with combinated grate.

Test Carbon (M) Boilers are available at a discounted rate.
Please feel free to call us for current stock, type and price.

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    Carbon (M)


    User's Guide
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    Carbon (M)


    Technical Datasheet
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    Installation and operation can already take place in a closed heating circuit, where permitted by applicable standards in that country. In this case, however, the boiler / the connected heating system must be provided with overheating or overheating. with overpressure protection fittings!

    Recommended safety devices for closed systems:

    – Direct-acting overheating valve: Regulus DBV-1 
    – Safety heat exchanger + safety valve combination: WATTS STS 20 valve + DAKON heat exchanger (mainly for cast iron boilers) 
    – Safety valve: Connection 3/4 ", opening value max 2.5 bar

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    This product is ideal for a large firebox door, as well as a cast iron + water cooled combination of grills. The inside of the boiler is made of 5 mm thick steel sheet for better corrosion protection.

    Hungarian product with 1 year guarantee.

    Do not be fooled by the similarly low-quality foreign copy that is placed on the market outside of the outside world!

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    Before using, be sure to read the boiler's manual!

    Never take the air out of the boiler! Closing the air vents will reduce the efficiency of combustion and operation at low temperatures will cause harmful processes, tar and condensation, which also shortens the boiler life!

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    With the large firebox and inlet door design, the boiler is very useful for firing boulders, briquettes and low calorific value. The moisture content of the log can be up to 15-20% to avoid tar.