Standard Gas Boiler


HŐTERM Standard Gas Boiler

The Hőtechnikai és Gépipari Ltd. Has more than four decades of traditions in the production of gas boilers. The Hőterm Standard series, a symbol of high utilization combined with classical appearance. Easy to setup, low service. The Hőterm Standard gas boiler family is made of 9 size steps with a nominal output of 17 to 136 kW, so it is suitable for supplying domestic hot water central condominiums, condominiums, institutions, kindergartens, schools, other communal facilities and factory halls and farm buildings.

Based on the Energy Efficiency Decree 813 and 814/2013 / EU, our company does not manufacture gas appliances from 26.06.2015.


Gas boiler body and burner arm are still produced by our company.

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